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This studio is able to handle any kind of multimedia project and the equipment is top notch. Protools HD – Apogee – Neuman U87 etc..

A huge sound library is at your disposal for all your needs.

Here we can create any kind of music to suit your project as well as record and master all your multimedia projects. The studio is also used for vocal recording while the band is in the Studio A recording other tracks.

Relief Studio B
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The Studio B provides a more intimate digital setting for composition and multiimedia works, including voice over and dubbing work.

The control room is clean and precise with a pair of Dynaudio BM6 monitors providing sonic clarity as well as a set of Tannoy Gold Monitor to gauge against. Pro Tools HD dominates allowing for quick, accurate navigation of multi-media and production work.

Comfortable couches give the control room a relaxed, yet focussed atmosphere and the live room is spacious enough to house a medium sized band or up to 6 speakers for multimedia work.



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