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Dom Torche


Dom Torche

  • Composer

  • Musician

  • Producer

  • Sound engineer

  • Mixing and Mastering engineer.

  • Creator of Relief Studio


The musical experiences of Dom Torche

>> 1970
Piano & musical studies at both classical & jazz music Academy of Music of Fribourg and Bern. Then he moved to London to get into rock music and formed the band « THE TICKETS » who won fame playing concerts with the The Police, Joe Jackson, The Ramones, Rory Gallagher,
UB40, Uriah Heep and playing festivals all over Europe for 5 years. The Tickets recorded 2 albums released by CBS and Ariola.

1970 - 1980
Keyboard player with different bands like 'The Tickets', 'Slapstick', Night, Bonny B, Francie Conway and the Works, Dom recorded more than 10 LPs and Singles with these bands and as solo Artist.

Starts up with his own recording studio : Relief Studio. Realease of his first solo LP: 'Funny Things' (1987) .

1990 - today
Records numbers of studio tracks with a lot of different artists such as Bernard Allison, Graham Broad, Kevin Flynn, Bonny B, Francie Conway and many more.
Realease of his second LP : Movie Life (1997).

Created the new actual Relief Studio, presented in this site. At the moment, Dom is creating music for multimedia projects and working on his new solo album. He also produces other artists such as Nicolas Meier quartet, Djaimin, The Black and White Brothers and others.

Dom Torche had the chance to work with Miroslav Vitous as a sound engineer . Miroslav Vitous is considered by many as the best bass player in the world !! (if such thing do exists !!)

Dom is into all kind of music and he knows what each style requires to etbe success. From composing – pre production- production- mixing and mastering – he has the experience to get the challenge done with class.

Dom Torche was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles.




The Relief team is headed up by accomplished composer, producer, musician and engineer Dom Torche.

Founder of the Relief Studio, some 20 years ago, Dom studied classical and jazz piano at the Academy of Music of Fribourg and Bern. Dom is a talented keyboardist who enjoyed success with numerous bands such as: The Tickets, Slapsticks and Jamboree.

Over 10 albums and Live appearances with The Police have provided Dom with an acute sense for music and engineering.

His latest collaborative projects have seen releases with the likes of Bernard Allison, Graham Broad, Francie Conway and many more. His compositions have also found their way onto numerous films, mini-series and multi-media campaigns.

Dom has dedicated himself to create high quality studios and he's overseeing all projects.

Thanks to the recording work he did for the Cuban Group "Septet Nacional", Dom Torche was nominated for Grammy Awards 2004 as Sound Engineer.



Dom Torche playing Hammond organ

The references of Dom

As engineer :

  • Miroslav Vitous

  • Luther Allison

  • Jerome Thomas Big Band

  • Core

  • New-York Voices

  • Claudio Rugo

  • Aventica Crooners

  • Nicolas Meier quartet

  • Black and White Brothers

  • Tim Hinckley

  • Judith Emelyne

  • Francisco Araiza

  • Michaël von der Heide

  • Djaimin

  • ...

As producer :

  • Bernard Allison

  • The Links

  • Kevin Flynn

  • Smartship Friday

  • Angie

  • Djaimin

  • Colveen

  • ...

As composer :

  • 2 solo LPs : 'Funny Thing' (1987) - 'Movie Life' (1997)
  • Music for 65 serial TV 'Dodo the Return'
  • Songs for solo artists like Francie Conway, Carole Rich, etc.
  • Music for films and TV spots Compositions of music and sounds for multimedia.
  • Fondation Bykov

As multimedia producer :

  • 20th Century Fox (more than 100 trailers)
  • Cremo
  • Philip Morris
  • Château de Gruyères
  • Opéra d'Avenches
  • FIFA



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