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At Relief Studios, we are constantly developing new ideas that will allow you to take your music to the next level.

These services will be constantly updated so don't hesitate to drop us a mail with any queries or suggestions.


  • Colour Your Sound :

    Add some real analogue flavour to your recording.
    Pick a part/s, bounce out as high quality audio, select which gear you would like the audio to be treated with and upload to our secure server.
    Pick as many different units in any order and we’ll furnish you with numerous different versions ranging from lightly processed to full on analogue baked!

  • Midi Magic :

    Add some authenticity to your midi lines.
    Send over your parts and let one of our talented artists replay it on a real instrument or the nearest midi equivalent.
    We will provide you with a number of different options so you can pick which best fits your track.
    Simply upload the midi/audio and choose which instrument you want it be replayed with.

  • Vocal Re-Tune :

    A good vocal can make or break a song but often the best takes are slightly sharp or flat. At Relief, we provide smooth, accurate re-pitching using top of the line equipment alongside with well trained ears. No auto tune artefacts or pitch squeals.

  • Corporate Identity :

    Relief provides tailored packages to stylize all your audio branding from hold line tones and voice prompts to custom soundtracks for advertorial campaigns.
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