Relief Studio

Studio Overview

Relief currently offers 2 studios for production, recording and mastering.

Studio A

Custom designed by Andy Munro, the acoustic is very natural and excellent for recording and mixing.

The Studio A is the main recording studio, boasting a very large control room with a SSL 4064 G + Total Recall analogue desk, Protools HD 3 system, 24 tracks analog tape machine OTARI MX 80, Dynaudio M5 4 way monitors, Yamaha NS 10 near fields, Genelec 1032, Focal 6 monitors and ample outboard gear, full acoustic treatment and a great view of the outside world.

The control room is very accurate and gives a nice feeling of space.

The control room opens on a terrace with a very nice view on the countryside. There is no interference in this room. All the hard drives and computer are located in the machine room.

The live room is spacious (up to 30 musicians) and has a natural warm sound. It easily accommodates any type of band with a large selection of quality microphones.

There is also a more isolated booth for recording minus the ambience.

Very high ceiling – 4 meters – the live room is perfect for getting the whole band playing together.

For relaxing, we have a musician lounge with big TV set, Playstation.

A fully equipped kitchen is also available.

Studio B

The Studio B provides a more intimate digital setting for composition and multiimedia works, including voice over and dubbing work.

The control room is clean and precise with a pair of Dynaudio BM6 monitors providing sonic clarity as well as a set of Tannoy Gold Monitor to gauge against. Pro Tools HD dominates allowing for quick, accurate navigation of multi-media and production work.

Comfortable couches give the control room a relaxed, yet focussed atmosphere and the live room is spacious enough to house a medium sized band or up to 6 speakers for multimedia work.

Mobile Studio

The Mobile Relief Studio has a unique collection of microphones for classic, jazz, brass band, choirs or any kind of band for recording on location.

The studio has recorded many « Live » projects –The  New-York Voices – Matran Brass Band – Harmonie Lausannoise – Big Band du Conservatoire de Fribourg as well as many choirs and vocal groups.

For specific projects, we can also install a mobile studio in a very nice place like a chalet in Verbier or Zermatt, a club, a concert hall or an open air stage.

We can provide a basic 2 tracks stereo recording or a big multitrack system.